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10 Email Marketing Mistakes Even Experienced Teams Make

When you get into the habit of it, email marketing can be pretty straightforward. You take the time to set up workflows and campaigns that you need, adding in new promotions and keeping evergreen workflows fresh, and you send out your…

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Growing SnapShooter, Simon Bennett’s Side Hustle

The story of SnapShooter’s first year growth.‘Guest Hustle’ is a very special section of the Zero to Grow publication — yours. We welcome guest stories from frontlines. Hustlers share their experience, failures, and successes with us all. Want to contribute and share your story? Get in touch, we will make it happen.Today, welcome… click to view

What I Learned Analyzing 16 Years of MailChimp Home Pages

For a long time, people (including me!) have fawned over the fun, delightful bits of copy MailChimp sprinkles throughout their product and marketing assets. But it’s become increasingly obvious that there’s a lot more than just fun branding to the self-funded Atlanta company that’s grown to over 16 million customers… click to view  

3 personalization tweaks that boosted my sales by 70%

Think about the last time you were asked what you did for a living. Maybe you were asked by a family member. Or a neighbor. Or someone you were sharing drinks with at an industry conference. Or (if you do a lot of international travel), an immigration officer. If you’re like me,… click to view

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