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Top 4 Reasons to Bootstrap your Startup

During the dot com bubble, I started an eLearning company with some friends and hit the Paris VC circuit. We wanted to raise $1.2 million to teach online English courses to business people.

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I Started My Business on a Spreadsheet — Here’s Why All Bootstrapped Companies Need to Start Lean

Bootstrapping necessitates identifying a real need in the market. It may not be a moonshot and you may not build a “unicorn” (aka a business valued at over $1 billion), but you’re identifying a real need in the market and building your business to suit … click to view

Complete landing page process to validate your startup idea

Landing pages are a great way to validate your ideas. They can collect the evidence you need to make a decision… build it, change it or drop it. A key part of this is testing your audience's willingness to pay, here's a step by step guide click to view

Founder of ProfitWell Shares Why He Chose Scale Over Lifestyle

When his company was making half a million a year, he chose to take a $50k salary to reinvest everything into his business. Now Patrick Campbell has bootstrapped two businesses – one making $7M and one at $1M ARR. click to view

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