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Follow Mike Taber’s build up and launch of his SAAS Bluetick with his behind the scenes look everyday.

I find it fascinating to get a behind the scenes look at how entrepreneurs do the things they do. This is usually provided in the form of a blog post or a conference talk that is essentially a post-mortem of some kind regarding a certain…

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How Snappa Built an Entire Business From One Keyword and One Viral Blog Post

We had the opportunity to chat with Chris Gimmer and Marc Chouinard, the co-founders of Snappa. This article takes you through their journey of how they launched a product off of a single post that hit the front page of Google. click to view

The Road to Passive Income Part 1: Getting to $100 in Monthly Revenue

Two months ago Place Card Me, my little place card making website and SaaS-building testbed made its very first dollar. Two months later, towards the end of October, it passed another major milestone: $100. click to view

How Grammarly Quietly Grew Its Way to 6.9 Million Daily Users in 9 Years

Since 2008, Grammarly has quietly grown one of the most successful self-funded products on the web. To date, Grammarly’s free Chrome extension has been downloaded 10 million times, and the company has 6.9 million daily active users. click to view

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