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Follow Mike Taber’s build up and launch of his SAAS Bluetick with his behind the scenes look everyday.

I find it fascinating to get a behind the scenes look at how entrepreneurs do the things they do. This is usually provided in the form of a blog post or a conference talk that is essentially a post-mortem of some kind regarding a certain…

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Last week I cleaned out my home office and found a post-it note from 2013. It was a scribble of the insurance company I wanted to build, forming the basis of what would eventually become With Jack. click to view now doing community news

When I started this project, I had four things that I wanted to do. The first was to update the website and newsletter, which I have done twice already. The second was to give fellow bootstrappers a place to show off their products, which I did over on the Show Off section(not submitted your product…

Everyone in sales knows that you won’t be winning every single deal or lead that you come across. That’s okay. It’s apart of the game, but did you know that there are strategies to re-engage with a lost lead and close the deal? click to view

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