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Follow Mike Taber’s build up and launch of his SAAS Bluetick with his behind the scenes look everyday.

I find it fascinating to get a behind the scenes look at how entrepreneurs do the things they do. This is usually provided in the form of a blog post or a conference talk that is essentially a post-mortem of some kind regarding a certain…

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"My company started as a response to a question on Stack Overflow. A few months later I got an email saying my server usage was off the charts. I’d been getting millions of requests per day." click to view Diary – An update

It’s been busy here at and I wanted to write an update with what I have been up to and what’s coming. Since taking over the website February last year, I have done a tonne of work on the I have added 4500 more members, relaunched a dead mailing list and redesigned the…

“Charge more!” “Use content marketing!” “Start with an ebook!” There’s a lot of folklore in the startup and bootstrapping community. Do they all stand up to scrutiny? This is my interview with long-time SaaS entrepreneur, Ian Landsman. click to view

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