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How we get great testimonials

Customer testimonials have long been a staple of our marketing efforts. We tweet them, we have them sprinkled all throughout both the marketing site and the app itself, and we even have a Wall of Love dedicated just to this.

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How to Launch on Product Hunt 

How to Launch on Product Hunt 🚀 There are dozens of different articles and posts, each promising to be the “Ultimate Guide to launching on Product Hunt.” While the intentions of the authors are good and most of the recommendations accurate, each article unwittingly contains misinformation… click to view

How I successfully launched my app on Reddit, and how you can too

Reddit is a mystery to many growth hackers and marketers due to the communities knack for removing self-promoting posts. I explain the strategy I used to launch my app Giffiti , which hit the Reddit & Imgur homepage and landed press from TechCrunch and TheNextWeb. click to view

How I Grew My List in 1 Month with an Email Course

In August of 2016, my very first email course generated 1,817 new email subscribers without me doing a thing to promote the launch. No paid ad campaigns. No joint webinars. No influencer outreach. No time-consuming guest posts. New email course subscribers for Finding a Profitable Business Idea, August 2016. Click to view

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