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Should You Create a Company or Personal Blog?

It’s a valid question. It’s especially important to ask in today’s day and age when the line between someone’s personal brand and the startup they are creating has become blurred beyond recognition.

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6 Startups And Popular Websites You Didn’t Know Started As Side Projects

The common thread shared by the most successful startups today, from Uber to Facebook, Slack, Stripe and others, is that they all solve very real, meaningful problems for their users. Yet still, more than 42% of failed startups cite a lack of market need as their primary reason for eventually going under. click to view

The 3 types of bullshit feedback — and what to do about them

How to handle the most-frustrating types of feedback we hear. The feedback we receive can sometimes feel like bullshit. I recently spoke with a CEO who told me she received feedback from an employee who proclaimed, “ This company doesn’t care about parent s.” The employee then proceeded to gripe about the lack of maternity…

Lessons from an Experienced Dev’s First Solo App

Lessons from an Experienced Dev’s First Solo App Tips for Launching a Side Project I have wanted to engage in side projects for a long time. I’ve created or helped create many successful web and mobile applications in my career. I love to build and create. click to view