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Complete landing page process to validate your startup idea

Landing pages are a great way to validate your ideas. They can collect the evidence you need to make a decision… build it, change it or drop it. A key part of this is testing your audience's willingness to pay, here's a step by step guide

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Five years ago I built and launched the first version of a SaaS app on a single flight from San Francisco to Buenos Aires. Slowly and steadily, Storemapper grew into a healthy location-independent business for one person… click to view

This is the ( long ) story of why and how I grew AppyGEN’s revenue to 6k+/Month, why I started hating it while still working full time on it, and how you can avoid going through the same thing. click to view

This week’s #Bootstrapped 10

Here are this week’s 10 Bootstrapper friendly Articles.  Mondays The Golden Circle: How to build a profitable business with a tiny list by Content Snare – Get Content From Your Clients ($960/mo) by indie hackers Tuesdays How To Get 1,000 New Email Subscribers In 30 Days by How to Take Action on the…

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