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From Idea to Minimum Viable Product

In June 2011, I was doing freelance work for several e-commerce companies and a few of my clients asked me to build them a store locator for their site. I ran the idea of turning that into a Micro-SaaS

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Micro-saas Ideas checklist

Micro-saas Ideas So, You have decided you want to build a Micro-saas and are looking for ideas for it. If you have some ideas, you can jump ahead to the checklist below. Don’t know what a Micro-saas is or want some examples then check out my 10 examples of Micro-saas businesses Where to find ideas…

Selling My Bootstrapped SaaS Business

Five years ago I built and launched the first version of a SaaS app on a single flight from San Francisco to Buenos Aires. Slowly and steadily, Storemapper grew into a healthy location-independent business for one person… click to view

10 Examples of Micro-Saas businesses

Micro-saas is quite a favourite topic here at, so I decided to look into the topic and see if I could find ten examples of Micro-saas businesses. Firstly, what is a Micro-saas? The definition of a Micro-saas according to Tyler Tringas is: It is a software as a service business owned and operated by…

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